Spring is your chance to come out of the hibernation of winter and get outdoors to remind yourself of your place on this glorious earth, in this space and time. 

Spring is the time our sacred sun shines its rays over our planet and begins to balance out the darkness and lightness of our days. It is a time of easing out the necessary death of winter and welcoming and rejoicing birth and life. It is the time to open your windows and breathe fresh air, to listen to the happy tune of birds and to watch the life that co-exists on our planet connect with growth. While it is important to welcome spring by cleaning your mind, body, and home, it is equally important to welcome spring by getting outdoors.

Here are some ways to connect to the energy of spring outdoors:

  • Greet the day with outdoor meditation and sunrise yoga
  • Spend as much time in the sun as possible, while remembering to protect yourself from the rays
  • Have a picnic
  • Grow a garden
  • Make time for sun salutations and be conscious and grateful for your connection with the vibrational energy of light
  • Celebrate outdoor activities that involve color: paint flower pots, plan a colorful meal where everyone brings foods in vibrant colors, plant seeds and mark them with colorful ribbons
  • Exercise outdoors while being conscious and grateful for movement and for the natural beauty that surrounds you
  • Splash in the water

Get outside and play! Smell the flowers! Tilt your face to the sun and smile with gratitude at the new day that has been given to you on this glorious planet that connects all life in perfect harmony.

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