Yoga Club

What is it you ask?

Unlimited yoga for $99 a month! (with a one year commitment*)

PLUS Club members get:
$10 off privates
$10 off massages
$10 off Aqua Yoga classes
$10 off Inlet Yoga staff workshops
10% off retail
AND the Video of the Month Club so that you an take your practice with you when you are on the road!

*Can be put on hold for up to 6 months and can be cancelled at any time.

Wow!  That’s a great way keep your practice going and really moving into not just practicing yoga, but living your yoga!  All that it takes is saying YES and a year commitment to be in the Club. And if you pay in full for the year you will receive 10% off and pay $1070 for a year of The Yoga Club!

Yup that’s it!

No more memberships.  No more tiers.  No more confusing choices.  No more should I do this or should I do that.

Just click the Yoga Club image at the top and get started today. Join the club!