When is the last time you spent time outdoors? How did it feel? Did you feel energized and revitalized afterward? Surprisingly, although most Americans spend 90 percent of their time indoors, most feel their best after spending time outdoors.

There are reasons why you feel good, both physically and mentally, when you spend time in nature. Here are some of those reasons:

1. Improves Physical Health

When you get outside it allows your body to receive vitamin D that the sun’s rays provide naturally. Vitamin D has been found to help protect against osteoporosis, heart disease, and certain cancers. Sun exposure has also been found to help your body produce nitric oxide, which is a compound that lowers blood pressure. 

2. Reduces Stress and Anxiety

According to the National Academy of Science, depression levels can be lowered when people walk in outdoor environments. Making time to observe the sights and sounds in nature can elicit relaxation, lower cortisol levels, slow pulse rates, and reduce blood pressure. 

3. Makes You Feel Revitalized

Environment rubs off on people. Therefore, when you consider how the elements found in nature are teeming with life, it is no wonder that being outdoors makes you feel alive as well. 

4. Boosts Creativity

Life in the 21st century comes with a bombardment of stimulation. Getting outside in nature, and getting away from noise and technology, can allow your mind to relax. When your mind is relaxed it has the space to problem solve and be creative, thoughtful, and imaginative. 

5. Adds Variety to Exercise

Try finding ways to exercise outdoors. Get creative with it! It could be as simple as walking around your local farmer’s market, walking your dog, walking your kids to and from school, reading a book in a comfy outdoor area, spending time in a garden, riding your bike, or attending beach yoga classes at Inlet Yoga.

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Be kind to yourself and make time to get outside and smell the roses. Take off your shoes and feel the grass between your toes. Feel the warmth of your sun on your skin. Let the soft breeze play with your hair. And just breathe.