Posture Clinic – Inversions with Maribeth MacKenzie

Saturday, July 22nd from 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Standing on your head, hands and shoulders may be the image that you see when you think of Inversions.  Did you know that anytime your head is below your heart you are inverted?  That means standing forward folds too!

Inversions are SO therapeutic for your body AND you never have to stand on your head to experience the many benefits.  Learn the many variations of inverted postures that are used in many classes.

We will spend time exploring posture variations and learn how to create a practice that is right for YOUR body so that you can enjoy the many benefits of marrying calming breath and beautiful movement while being inverted.  We will finish with a deliciously long Savasana letting it all settle in.

All levels welcome and registration required. Come with your questions – this is the place to get them answered!