Take Your Yoga Outdoors this Summer!

Take Your Yoga Outdoors this Summer!

Ahhh it’s here!

Warm weather. Longer Days. Early Sunrises.

Time to get up and not just see it, but to be with it. It’s time to brush off the cobwebs of winter and get into the great outdoors!

 A great way to do that is to take your practice outside.  There is no better yoga mat than Mother Earth.

There are many reasons to shake things up and take your practice outside . . . here are just a few of them:

Earth.  Water. Fire. Air. Space.

Earth’s energy is grounding and stabilizing.  Water’s energy reminds us to be fluid and creative.  Fire’s energy helps us to burn through the impurities and toxins.  Air’s energy is light and airy.  Space reminds us of the vastness within us and all around us.  When we practice outdoors we can breathe them all in and embrace the beauty of nature.

An opportunity to tune all our senses into the rhythms of Mother Nature.

Taste. Smell. Hear. See. Touch.  Nature’s beauty abounds and seeps into all of our senses when we begin to pay attention. Taste the salt air. Smell the tide. Hear the constant rhythm of the ocean waves rolling in and out. Tune in to the sounds of the birds. Touch the earth on your hands and feet.

The most awesome playlist

Primordial Sounds!  Birds chirping, waves crashing, leaves blowing. Wow! So beautiful!

Find a new perspective.

Inversions are ommazing outside! The earth is up and the sky is down! Talk about seeing things in a new way!

You live in the PERFECT place to take your practice outdoors, and this summer we have several opportunities for you!

Beach and Inlet Yoga

Wednesdays at 6:00 am 
Beach Access #3 on the south side of Garden City Pier (off of Waccamaw Drive in Garden City)

Fridays  at 7:00 am 
Join us on the boardwalk behind Morse Park nest to the Hot Fish Club in Murrells Inlet (off of Business 17 in Murrells Inlet)

Sundays at 7:00 am 
Beach access #53 North Litchfield Beach.  (off of Parker Drive in Pawleys Island)

Occassionally the weather interferes, so please  like us on Facebook and check the schedule page on our website before heading out in case of cancellations due to weather.

 We look forward to practicing with you!

Ways to Cultivate Self-Love

Ways to Cultivate Self-Love

Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate ALL things love, including yourself. Self-care and self-love are important to your overall well-being. This Valentine’s Day, take time to nurture your heart and become your own valentine. Here are some suggestions for cultivating self-love:

Develop Mindfulness

Be connected to what you feel, think and want. Pay attention to your self-talk. What effect is your self-talk having on your overall well-being, mood, health and behavior. Is it helpful? How can you modify your self-talk so that it represents the real you, not the expectations others put onto you?

Practice Self-Care

Set the foundation for growth and authenticity by commiting to activities that are healthy for you; nutrition, exercise, enough sleep and rest, social interactions, and fun.

Forgive Yourself

Take responsibility for your actions, but remember to learn and grow from mistakes rather than punishing yourself. Look at a mistake as a lesson to be learned and use that lesson to heighten your awareness in the future. Practice self-compassion when you make mistakes.

Set Boundaries

When you are feeling stressed, inflamed, or down, consider what might be the cause. Set limits and say no to those people and situations that harm you physically, emotionally, or spiritually. Taking a break can give you the space you need to decide what it is you do want in your life, or what is healthy for you.

Live Intentionally

Consider the purpose and meaning of your life. Set your intention and make decisions and take actions that support that intention. When you are actively engaged with fulfulling your higher purpose, you make choices that align with your true Self.

If you practice cultivating self-love as often as you can, eventually it will become second nature. Practice and celebrate yourself this Valentine’s Day; you are worth it!

Open your heart with grace and acceptance at a Heart Opening Workshop with Maribeth MacKenzie.

Click here to sign up.

Welcome a Year of Infinite Possibility

Welcome a Year of Infinite Possibility

Transitioning to a new year provides an opportunity to reevaluate the many areas that make up your life. It is a time to ask yourself, “Who am I? What do I want?” Consider the following as you welcome the New Year:

Release the Old to Make Room for the New

Resolve any issues you might be holding onto from the previous year. Quickly recap the main events and notice any time you get stuck or feel an emotional charge. Consciously accept what is causing these emotions and then leave it in the past; accept that it has already happened and therefore cannot be changed. Work on learning the lessons and forgiving, so you can make space for new experiences. As T.S. Elliot wrote, “Last year’s words belong to last year’s language and next year’s words await another voice.”

Ask Yourself, “What is My Deepest Desire?”

Sit quietly with your eyes closed and focus on your heart chakra. Take a few deep breaths. As you do, consider the following questions: “What is My Deepest Desire? What do I really want? What is my purpose? How can I serve?” Ask the questions and pause. Listen to whatever answers naturally arise, without evaluating or judging. Write down your answers, again without evaluating or judging. Throughout the week re-visit your writing and reflect, in time making your desires as specific as you can. Choose two or three of your answers and create a sentence about them.

Repeat Your Desire

Memorize and silently repeat your sentence. Do this daily in a quiet and calm space. Plant the seed and as you do, let go of any attachment you might feel to the outcome. Let go and let the Universe handle the details.

Feel free to repeat this process as the year progresses. Dare to dream, let go and enjoy yourself!

Join your friends at Inlet Yoga for a Heart Opening Workshop to focus on opening your heart with grace and ease, to let go of the old and let in the new. Click Here to sign up.

Why Having a Yoga Community is Important

Why Having a Yoga Community is Important

While it feels good to feel your energy flow with like minded individuals when practicing asana, yoga is so much more than that; yoga goes beyond the mat. An inspirational group of people can support and inspire you to keep moving forward both on and off the mat. 

Here are some other reason why having a yoga community is important:

-Sharing support, comfort and inspiration with other like-minded people with similar goals helps you grow internally

-You get the opportunity to do the work of a yogi and treat others with respect and kindness

-Knowing you are not alone will help keep you coming back to the mat with gratitude

-The more you practice all the realms of yoga, the closer you come to your ultimate happiness

-Your yogi friends are there to cheer you on when you are tired, inspire you when you feel stuck, and introduce new ideas for inspiration

Come and “be” with your Inlet Yoga community in sangha (the coming together of community) at a Potluck Picnic at North Litchfield Beach, access #51 on Saturday, Sept. 16, 2017 from 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm. Click here for more information.

Benefits of a Consistent Yoga Practice

Benefits of a Consistent Yoga Practice

Not only can a consistent yoga practice lead to lasting results, it can help to prevent future problems. A regular yoga practice can help address mental and physical ailments and prevent future complications because it keeps your body and mind flexible and healthy.

Here are some of the benefits of a consistent yoga practice:

-breath awareness, which helps maintain energy, strength, and relieves stress

-spine flexibility and healthy connective tissue

-helps you remain calm, present and mindful, which is helpful while coping with times of stress or illness

-relief from physical discomforts due to improved posture and circulation

-improvement in how your brain processes neurotransmitters; enhances endorphins and dopamine (literally makes you “feel good”)

-boost self-confidence, makes you feel accomplished and empowered so you are less likely to engage in unhealthy habits that prevent you from living a happy, healthy life

-clears your head so you can find balance

These are just some of the benefits of a consistent yoga practice. Keep in mind that the key word here is consistent. Consistency is the key to receiving the full benefits of yoga, to being the best version of you that you can be.

Join your friends at Inlet Yoga as we celebrate National Yoga Month by joining our 30-day Yoga Challenge! Use the opportunity to celebrate the gift of yoga as you kick-start your own consistent practice. Click Here to sign up.



Yoga For High Blood Pressure

Yoga For High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a common medical condition in the Western world and if left untreated can cause severe damage to the body in the form of heart attacks, strokes, kidney failure, and even dementia. There is controversy over whether sustained stress leads to hypertension because in some cases people who are stressed have blood pressure (BP) that is fine, while there are others who seem laid-back who have dangerously elevated BP. However, there is no controversy about the idea that stress can lead to lifestyle choices that can contribute to a rise in blood pressure. People who are more stressed are more likely to do the following, all of which are a contributing factor to increasing BP:

-skip exercise
-indulge in unhealthy foods
-drink alcohol
-smoke cigarettes

The benefits of yoga’s stress-lowering attributes can actually help reverse the tendencies above and promote lifestyle choices that are healthier. Yoga tends to encourage people to want to take better care of themselves by promoting the following:

-cardiovascular exercise
-weight loss
-natural ease of the body
-peace of mind
-self study
-awareness of breath, body, mind, and environment

Through yoga you can learn to be aware of stress triggers and learn techniques that will help you respond to the triggers in a way that can help you relax, feel good, and come back to the stressful situation with a new perspective. With awareness and understanding of the inner self and environment, people tend to treat themselves kinder; it feels good to feel good!