Transition to Fall With Awareness and Balance

Transition to Fall With Awareness and Balance

As we transition from summer to fall we experience new, yet familiar, environmental sensations. The air smells different, the winds feel crisper and the days get shorter. It is a time to prepare for change and often evokes thoughts of sitting around a fire and enjoying warm, soul nourishing meals. Fall also brings a prominence of Vata. According to Ayurveda, Vata-the air element-has rough, windy, erratic, cool and light qualities.

Since fall brings feelings of change it is helpful to find stability and balance by being grounded and warm, with awareness of Vata. This is achieved by incorporating the right foods and positive lifestyle choices; by balancing your own internal environment with the environment of Mother Nature.

Vata’s airy influence can stimulate the following:

-dry skin

-cold extremities


-dry bowels

-irregular appetite

You might also experience the following mental symptoms:




-desire to be more carefree and light

If you are aware of any of these symptoms, or even if you are not, make an effort to nourish the body and mind in order to maintain balance during the fall season. This can be done by incorporating warm, substantive and nourishing cooked foods (casseroles, soups, slow cooker meals, stews, steamed or roasted vegetables). It is best to eat fruits and vegetables that are locally grown and harvested in season. Check out this Seasonal Food Guide to learn what foods are in season in your area (U.S. only).

Fall is an exciting time because it represents transition and change, which is good. Diet is something that you can control and that will help you ease into this change with a balanced mind, a strong body, and a warm heart. 


To learn more about how to find awareness and balance through Ayurveda, contact Maribeth MacKenzie, Certified Chopra Center Ayurveda Perfect Health Practitioner


How to Embrace Nature to Balance Your Dosha

How to Embrace Nature to Balance Your Dosha

Engaging in outdoor sensory experiences is an important part of Ayurveda because it is believed to help heal the body and mind. Spending time and being mindful in nature can balance your dosha and promote well-being. Here are some examples of outdoor sensory experiences that can help you balance your dosha, or mind-body type:

Balance Vata

If you find that your mind is racing and you can’t settle it, you may be feeling ungrounded. When this happens, embrace earth’s stability. Go for a walk on the earth, grass, or sand (preferably barefoot) while being mindful of your feet. Allow them to absorb the nourishment and stability that the earth offers you. Lay on the ground, and as the rays of the warm sun blanket you, remember that it is the source of life on earth.

Cool Pitta

If you are feeling overheated and irritable, spend time near natural bodies of water. Take a slow walk while being mindful of the sound and cooling effects of water; allow the water to calm and soothe you. If you do not live near natural bodies of water, take a walk in nature or lie in the grass in your yard or a park. Think of all that nature provides for you and feel gratitude for the plants, sky, and earth that surround and support you. 

Energize Kapha

If you are feeling dull and lethargic, focus on the space and air of the breath. Take a brisk walk or run in nature. Be mindful of the infinite sky and space that is unbounded. Inhale the life force that surrounds you and consciously recognize that it is the breath that gives you life. Picture the breath coming into your lungs and heart and flowing to the rest of your body. Consider all that your breath does for you every second of the day, without your conscious attention.

Joining your friends at Inlet Yoga for Sunrise Beach Yoga is a great way to balance all dosha types. Click here to view the times and locations.

Understanding your dosha type, and using your natural environment to balance it, can help you experience well-being. Learn more about the benefits of Ayurveda and your specific mind-body type to delve even deeper into wellness.  

Discover how to balance your mind-body type even further by participating in a personalized 7-day Ayurveda program at Inlet Yoga. Click here for more information.

Mindful Living for Optimal Health

Mindful Living for Optimal Health

The main philosophy of yoga is that the mind, body, and spirit are one and cannot be separated. 

It is no surprise then, that if we are feeling out of balance in one of those areas, we feel dis-ease. In order to maintain balance, you must be mindful and find harmony in the way you eat, breathe, drink and live.

Toxic thoughts and emotions can change the chemistry of your brain, and if chronic can even change the pathways in your brain.

Have you ever experienced abdominal pain when you are upset? This happens because when your brain is alarmed by an emotion, it sends signals to other parts of your body, especially your intestines, where functioning can shift due to exposure to any kind of toxicity. What is more, if you don’t deal with the toxicity in your body caused by negative thoughts and emotions, your experiences can get stored in your memory and can stay there for a long time. This is one reason why it is not easy to let go of childhood traumas; because the memories have been stored for so long. Learn more

The good news is that through mindfully cleansing your body, spirit and mind, it is possible to reverse toxicity in your physical, emotional, mental, and environmental life.

This month at Inlet Yoga, we are working on clearing toxicity in our minds, bodies, and spirits through a Group Juice Cleanse that will include detoxifying yoga classes. We also offer an on-going Individualized Ayurveda Consultation and Cleanse with Maribeth MacKenzie, Certified Chopra Center Ayurveda Perfect Health Practitioner.

Click here to jump start your mindfulness practice using Oprah & Deepak’s 21-Day Meditation Experience.

Remember, the work of yoga is never done and must be carried off the mat into your world in order for you to receive all the benefits. Be mindful of the ways you eat, breathe, drink and live to heal yourself from the inside out.

Be patient, gracious, and forgiving with yourself and take it one OM at a time.

Signs That You Are In Need of a Cleanse

Signs That You Are In Need of a Cleanse

Cleansing with the seasons can help you combat symptoms of physical and mental overload caused by stress, processed foods, environmental toxins and over-use of beauty care products.

Eventually, your body will reach a threshold for how much it can tolerate such things, causing various psychological and health issues. Therefore, you need to consciously re-set yourself and allow your body to naturally rest and repair. Cleanses, or detoxes, are one of the most effective ways to rebuild your digestive fire in order to restore vitality. Learn More

Here are some signs that you are in need of a cleanse:

  • skin problems
  • constipation and other GI ailments
  • persistent headaches
  • lethargy
  • difficulty making decisions
  • gas and bloating
  • bad breath
  • joint pain and inflammation
  • sleep challenges
  • restlessness
  • increased feelings of discontent
  • accummulated clutter
  • depression
  • emotional reactivity

Keep in mind that cleansing does not mean deprivation.

It means getting yourself back on track by listening to, nourishing, and cleansing your body in a way that works for you. It is up to you to decide how far you want to take your cleanse.

Group Juice Cleanse Weekend on April 28-30. Detox with guidance and support and join your friends for a Spring Clean.  Sign up here

Individualized Ayurveda Consultation and Cleanse. Detox based on your unique Dosha and current lifestyle. Sign up here

‘Tis the Season for Spring Cleaning

‘Tis the Season for Spring Cleaning

Spring is a time for physical and energetic restoration. It is a time to be an active part of nature and emerge from winter darkness into new life. One way to restore yourself and create an invigorating path to a new and refreshed you is through an Ayurveda cleanse.

According to Ayurveda philosophy, the way to achieve optimal health is to find a balance between mind, body, and environment.

The way to do this is to first identify your body type from three different doshas, or mind-body types, that are derived from the three basic elements in nature; energy, light, and matter.

Knowing your dosha can help you understand your unique blends of physical, emotional, and mental characteristics. Once you understand your dosha type, you can create a lifestyle that supports your unique nature. Since the entire universe derives from energy, light and matter, from a Vedic standpoint they are also considered the powers of consciousness itself. Therefore, it is no wonder an Ayurvedic cleanse is so powerful, especially at the beginning of spring.

Cleansing and detoxifying your mind, body, and environment is what will allow you to be reborn as your best person this spring.

*Stay tuned for information about an opportunity to participate in our spring juice cleanse this April!*

Click here for more information about our spring Ayurveda Cleanse.  We will help you discover your dosha to create a lifestyle with daily routines that support your unique nature.

Follow the links below for tips and postures you can use on your own:

5 Ayurvedic Detox Tips for Spring

Detoxifying Yoga Postures 

As you deepen your yoga practice this spring, work on creating a steadiness and presence. Turn inward to reflect and consciously prepare to renew. Linger in moments and space to slow down. Find yoga both on and off the mat. Breathe. Cleanse your mind, body, and environment and start anew with your friends at Inlet Yoga!