Annamaria GuzziRecently, a student in my class asked me,”So…What’s your story?” Her question made me stop to think, “hmmm, what is my yoga story?”

Each of us has one, the story about how we found yoga, or rather, how yoga found us. So here is mine:

Always a seeker of inner knowledge and insatiably curious about what makes us human, I began my spiritual quest as a young college student studying Psychology and Education. A voracious reader, needless to say, I was also a certified English Literature teacher. But it would take years before I learned that all that book and head knowledge was not the key to understanding the real answers to my questions. Why was I here? Why were we all here? Why was there suffering, and what is happiness?

At the age of 48, I took my first yoga class. Something connected for me. I was already a vegetarian, runner, philosophy junkie, and High School Counselor. But nothing prepared me for the glow I felt or the connection to myself and other yogis in this class. I was hooked.

Like many, I came to yoga through a back door. A knee and hip injury that didn’t seem to go away, despite medical interventions, physical therapy and rest. Rest. What was that?

A type A achiever, I slowly began to find some space and calmness in my day, if only for the 75 minutes on my mat. And so, like the straight A student that I was, I took my first 200 hour training with my first teacher. I began to teach, but felt that something was still missing. So, another 300 hours of yoga philosophy, meditation, asana, and instruction brought me my 500 RYT with Yoga Alliance.

My thirst was insatiable, and so that desire continued with studies in Ashtanga, Restorative, Yin, Kripalu, Buddist Meditation, and whatever my heart led me toward. Now, at the young age of 66, the universe has given me the gift of teaching full time, of growing, of meeting spirits who are my gurus in every class I lead.

That’s my story and I’m so grateful for it! The never-ending story continues in the blessed space of Inlet Yoga under the magnanimous care and tutorage of Maribeth, my beloved teacher and friend. I feel like I have come hOMe.